Cross Border eCommerce | Digital Strategy Considerations for Manufacturers
Date: Thursday, May 3rd, 2018
Time: 8:30pm-12:30pm Eastern
Venue: 213 Court Street Middletown, CT
Fee: $25

Please join the U.S. Department of Commerce and Connecticut District Export Council for a half-day seminar to discuss how to leverage your digital strategy to increase online sales. The manufacturing business community is learning from the lessons of the retail industry and transitioning to a business model that is increasingly utilizing cross-border eCommerce sales channels.
We sometimes hear from clients, “I’m a manufacturer, we do not sell products via our website.” Statistics have shown that 89% of these people are online researching for a business transaction, and these people will spend less than a minute searching your website before deciding to leave or stay.

• 58% of Business to Business (B2B) companies are investing in ecommerce platforms, proactively adapting to a changing marketplace
• 51% of B2B companies are integrating their platforms with software that can manage orders, inventory, and financial accounting
• Those who fail to adapt could be outperformed by their competitors

Even if you have an outstanding product, your digital presence is the initial impression a potential customer will have of your product, service, and professionalism. Having a website that is not optimized to current accepted standards is a red flag for most customers, especially those in overseas markets. Learn how to structure your digital real estate that will provide analytics that can help you understand the habits and preferences of your customers, giving you the tools to adapt your digital marketing strategies for the eCommerce sales channels.

Join us for this event, so you can understand how to integrate a digital strategy into your existing business processes.

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