Event: Access to Private Capital for Growing Business

Venue: Webinar

Date: April 7, 2015

Time: 1:30-2:30PM EST

Cost: $10.00

The webinar on April 7,2015 at 1:30 p.m. ET will provide an overview of the types of junior capital available to companies today, including subordinated debt and preferred stock. It will also address the dynamic between senior and junior capital providers and cover key issues facing business owners and senior executives of middle market companies seeking access to such capital.

Junior capital is often instrumental, and at times absolutely essential, in navigating a company through rapid growth, acquisitions, full or partial recapitalizations, generational transitions, partner buyouts, etc.  Junior capital can also be a valuable tool to enhance and expand a company’s relationship with its senior lender. Developing an understanding of this powerful financial tool provides owners and managers necessary to sustain and accelerate healthy growth.

Topics will include:

-How does junior capital interact with senior debt? Are they complementary or competitive?

-What are the most common forms of junior capital and what are the benefits and challenges of each?

-Why is junior capital often key to growing and transitioning a company?

-How can a company utilize junior capital most effectively to achieve its strategic objectives?

-How do you prepare your company to access the market for junior capital?

-What are the best ways to identify likely sources of junior capital for your middle market company?

This educational webinar will be moderated by the U.S. Commercial Service, with panelists from Ironwood Capital, a junior capital provider focused on the middle market, and Webster Bank, a national leader in senior debt lending in the middle market. Ironwood and Webster have worked jointly on several transactions, creating ad hoc partnerships to enable companies to grow and prosper; their knowledge and experience will prove invaluable to those who attend.